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Staff Administration Made Even Easier: PAAM Online Help Guide Updated

PAAM Events Management Software Application LogoThe PAAM Event Management Software Application Online Help Guide has been updated! You can find the updated PAAM Online Help Guide here. The PAAM Online Help Guide provides an overview of the PAAM Software Application and detailed walkthroughs of each of the sections including:

  • A breakdown of PAAM Statistics
  • PAAM Email Messaging explained
  • The PAAM Blacklist and Whitelist
  • How to Export an Excel spreadsheet from PAAM
  • A walkthrough of setting up a PAAM Event
  • How to search for staff and volunteers with PAAM
  • PAAM Event Administration
  • How to use PAAM to recruit new staff and volunteers
  • How to keep your staff and volunteers up-to-date
  • How PAAM can help you get event specific information and documents to your staff and volunteers
  • Working with PAAM post event including rating members and adding member notes
  • A breakdown of the PAAM Member Profile
  • How to update your company’s PAAM Settings

The above is just a selection of the information in the PAAM Online Help Guide - please do take a look at the updated guide and please contact us if there is something you'd like to see in there! We'll be updating the guide often so please do drop back to the PAAM Blog to be kept up-to-date!