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2011 Glastonbury Festival - Guide, Preview, Hints and Tips (Part Two)

Following on from part one of our PAAM volunteer software Glastonbury Festival Guide please read on to find out more about the hidden and unusual aspects of the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts!

Other things to see at Glastonbury

2011 Glastonbury Festival Guide, Preview, Hints and Tips (Part Two) - A fantastic view across the Glastonbury siteThe size of Glastonbury makes it impossible to see anywhere near everything you’ll probably want to. Our advice is to make your plans a little vague (the aforementioned cider from part one helps with that…) and go where the festival takes you. Try and accept the fact that you will miss at least as many bands as you see, and factor in time for random wanders around the site - this will often be much more fun than watching the bands!

Non-main stage must see…

We've broken down our top tips into two main sections, first off our ‘non-main stage must see’ list...

The Green Fields

Make sure you have a good wander around all the nooks and crannies throughout all the varied Green Fields’ areas. Some of the real gems of the festival are within the Green Fields - try to check out speaker’s corner for some surprise impromptu comedy sets, or catch some of the random films that are screened in the solar powered cinema. Although no matter what you get up to at Glastonbury make sure you have a cupper in the Tiny Tea Tent! If you can try and pop in both late at night and early in the morning as it takes on a different atmosphere at different times of the day...

Shangri-La and Trash City

Here lies the twisted nightlife of Glastonbury! If you like fire, explosions and strange dancers Shangri-La and Trash City is where you should head although watch out as they get rammed after the headliners finish.

The Stone Circle

2011 Glastonbury Festival Guide, Preview, Hints and Tips (Part Two) - The Stone Circle in the Sacred SpaceAt the top of the Green Fields you will find the ‘sacred space’ in which the stone circle sits. The sacred space is the more chilled out late night destination. Try to take a walk all the way up to the top of the hill – if you make it the journey will be worth the destination! If you can manage it one night try spending the night in the sacred space so you’re there for sunrise. Don’t get too carried away with the mysticism though; the stones were installed in the 90s…and no not by aliens!

Circus and Cabaret fields

The Circus and Cabaret fields are overlooked by many a festival goer but when you’re at a loose end they are well worth a wander though. They take a distinctly odd twist after dark too...

The Bandstand

Like all good towns in the middle of Glastonbury’s markets there is a bandstand. It’s a good place to go for a jig in the evening and a handy meeting point!

The funny, daft and just plain ridiculous...

Next up is our ‘funny, daft and just plain ridiculous’ list! The below is not an exhaustive list - round most corners at Glastonbury you’ll find something a little odd. We’ve included some of our favourites to get you started...

Cider Bus Casualties

People who have been drinking strong Somerset Cider Bus cider, as if it was the lager they normally drink in their local! Cider Bus Casualties can normally be spotted lying in the sun looking fairly worse for wear, unsurprisingly mostly in the general vicinity of the cider bus; particularly prevalent on Wednesday and Thursday.

Minor Celebs

2011 Glastonbury Festival Guide, Preview, Hints and Tips (Part Two) - Dancing in the Pussy ParlourExtra points if you spot them in wellies or trying to be spotted.

Popup Pirate

There’s an urban (or in this case should it be rural?) legend that once, a festival goer got into one of the long drops dressed as a pirate and stuck his head out shouting ‘Popup Pirate’ when an unsuspecting victim opened the door. There are too many issues with the tail to truly believe it but be warned!

Green Police

The Green Police dress up in crazy costumes and try and encourage people to be green. They were brought in after the Glastonbury Festival was fined due to the amount of urine that ended up in the local water courses as a result of unscrupulous men using the hedges as toilets. Double points if you spot the Green Police whilst embarrassing someone using the hedge as a toilet.

Weather Casualties

2011 Glastonbury Festival Guide, Preview, Hints and Tips (Part Two) - Elwynne Green dancing at the Other StageA close relative of the Cider Bus Casualty is the Weather Casualty. On a hot year you’ll find them burnt to a crisp (good with some spicy sauce or a cooling dip). On a wet year you may spot them rolling round in the mud, or walking away from rolling around in the mud and doing their best to convince themselves it was a fantastic idea. If you’re really lucky and it’s a mixed year you may get two for the price of one! Either way it's always best to keep your distance - we have no idea what is in the mud and prefer it that way!

The Musical Bike

No one is really sure where it comes from (let alone where it goes) but keep your ears open for the peddle powered sound system! It roves the site, often with an entourage!

A Medieval City

The Green Fields take on a different atmosphere dependant on the time of the day. Early in the morning when the sun is still low in the sky a mist often starts to make its way around the Green Fields which makes the whole area feel like the set of a Robin Hood film!

Stone Circle Zombies

2011 Glastonbury Festival Guide, Preview, Hints and Tips (Part Two) - A strange man on a strange carCompleting the holy tri-factor of Glastonbury festival Casualties is the Stone Circle Zombie! A Stone Circle Zombie is created when too much partying (did we just write that?) takes place and those in question haven’t got any energy left to make their way out of the stone circle after watching the sunrise. Usually spotted lurking in the general vicinity of the stone circle at 9am...

Naked People

No it’s not the sixties anymore but you do see the odd naked person wandering around. Try not to stare, point, and please don’t poke them (with a stick or anything else you find lying about).

Michael Eavis

Can often be seen wandering through his kingdom. If you’re really lucky you’ll spot Michael Eavis giving the Pilton Village locals their annual tour in his specially outfitted coach!

A Newspaper

Not so odd in itself but many don’t realise that due to Glastonbury being so large it has its own newspaper! Always a good read in the morning before the music starts.

The Glastonbury Rumour Mill in action

2011 Glastonbury Festival Guide, Preview, Hints and Tips (Part Two) - Recovering in the GladeSomewhat under threat from smart phones but still going strong you will certainly hear about the cancellation of a headliner, that Wales has finally invaded Scotland, or the most traditional festival rumour - the tragic death of several celebrities. You can’t imagine how shocked we all were to get home following the 2009 Glastonbury Festival to find out that Michael Jackson actually had died! You have been warned - don't believe everything you hear! Although you could take a moment to try it on with the zombies...

The Milk Truck

Your love, or lack thereof, of milk, will define if the milk truck is an oddity or a life saver. In the morning tractors pull trailers around the campsites selling fresh milk! This brings us to the end of our '2011 Glastonbury Festival Guide'! We hope it helps you get the most out of your Glastonbury! If you're heading over to Worthy Farm this year, see if you can spot anything we've mentioned and be sure to let us know if you have any great festival tips in the comments section!

More Glastonbury info

There are a lot of other places you can get information about the Glastonbury Festival. With a little help from our friend Google you’ll find several websites dedicated to Glastonbury. For a broad overview and line-up the official Glastonbury Festival website can’t be beaten. You’ll find the fine guide on the official website which is a particularly detailed walk-through of the festival; available to download as a PDF and including a good basic map. For more about what to see and do, plus hints and tips about what might be going on you can try delving into the festival forums dotted about the web. Both eFestivals and Virtual Festivals have the two best Glastonbury dedicated forums around at the moment.