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2011 Latitude Festival - Guide, Preview, Hints, Tips and Advice

2011 Latitude Festival – Preview Guide, Hints, Tips and Advice | Aerial photo of Latitude FestivalA few years ago we were sat in the Tiny Tea Tent at Glastonbury when someone sat opposite us said 'did you know there are more staff here than the entire capacity of Latitude Festival?' Due to its popularity the Latitude Festival has grown in size since then, although its small size and amazing site (more on that later) give Latitude a brilliantly intimate feel. That said don’t be fooled by its small size and intimacy - the main arena alone - where the larger artists can usually be found - is packed with things to see and do. To help you along we've created the PAAM event software Latitude Festival guide...

Camping at Latitude Festival

2011 Latitude Festival – Preview Guide, Hints, Tips and Advice | Camping at Latitude FestivalChances are the first thing you’ll want to do when you get to site is pitch your tent; as with most UK festivals Latitude has a separate campsite and arena. The campsite is divided into four main zones for general camping (Green, Red, Yellow and Blue), plus a guest campsite, artist campsite, disabled campsite, and an area dedicated to families. The younger festival goers, who also tend to stay up later and be a bit louder, usually camp nearer the arena in the Yellow Zone. As a rule of thumb the further you get away from the arena the quieter the campsite is at night. If you want to reserve your partying for the arena and be assured of a good night’s sleep - there is a quiet camping area in the Green Zone.

The Latitude Festival Arenas

Once you've pitched up it'll be time to explore the arena! As you pass through the entrance you'll see that Latitude isn’t your normal festival thus doesn't have a normal arena; we think of Latitude as having three arenas in one: the main stages arena, the lake area and 'In The Woods'.

The Latitude Festival Lake and Lake Stage

2011 Latitude Festival – Preview Guide, Hints, Tips and Advice | The lake and Lake Stage at Latitude FestivalJust through the arena entrance you'll find a large lake on the banks of which there is normally something interesting going on... There are not many places in the world that you can see performances on a floating stage, artists performing in an inflatable bubble, and multi-coloured sheep all at the same time but on and around the lake and the Lake Stage at Latitude Festival is one of them! Even with all this going on there are still areas around the lake that you can have a nice relaxing sit down and find time to unwind in the (fingers crossed!) sunshine.

The Main Arena at Latitude Festival

2011 Latitude Festival – Preview Guide, Hints, Tips and Advice | Steph in the Main Arena at Latitude FestivalIf you take the bridge across the lake the path will take you up to the Main Arena. In there you'll find several tents containing a hugely diverse amount of entertainment; we’ve enjoyed everything from Mark Thomas (the comedian), to Ballet and Mumford and Sons in Latitude Main Arena. The Main Stage is called the Obelisk Arena and is at the top of the hill - on the left as you come up the path from the lake. One of the nice innovations at Latitude is that the main stage has grandstand seating around it, though be warned that the seats fill up fast. Try to explore all the knocks and crannies in the Main Arena. It can feel quite open but if you’re not careful you may skip past the Pimms Bus and Radio 4 listeners hiding in the trees.

'In The Woods' at Latitude Festival

2011 Latitude Festival – Preview Guide, Hints, Tips and Advice | A Pixie in the woods at Latitude FestivalOnce you've had a look around the Main Arena you should defiantly head back over the lake and explore the woods! The 'In The Woods' area is our favourite part of the Latitude arena and one of the places that make Latitude so magical. Aside from the stages, where there is always some good music to dance to, there are art trails and a cool hidden bar. To add to the effect all the stewards that work in the woods dress up as pixies, which can be a little confusing at the wrong end of the night...

Fun For All The Family at Latitude Festival!

2011 Latitude Festival – Preview Guide, Hints, Tips and Advice | The Kids Area at Latitude FestivalLatitude Festival's relatively small capacity means it's a great family event and the organisers have built on this. Not only does Latitude have, as mentioned earlier, dedicated family camping (White Zone), once you get into the arena itself families are very well looked after. Just through the dedicated family entrance to the arena is a large kid’s area buzzing with activity to keep the young ones entertained. We honestly can’t think of anywhere*, let alone another festival, where you see more buggies! *With the possible exception of Mothercare.

A Final Latitude Thought...

Our parting piece of advice for Latitude Festival is to listen carefully to what you are being asked to do and see... After dark the acts in the arena tents can take a more adult flavour. A few years ago one of our friends asked us if we wanted to go and see some burlesque, we thought this sounded like a laugh so went along. Although, when the dancers came on stage we were quite confused until our friend explained she'd said 'bearlesque' (don’t search for that at work) which is the same as burlesque but preformed by large, often hairy, men.