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2014 Latitude Festival Guide, Hints and Tips!

2014 Latitude Festival Guide, Hints and Tips!

2014 Latitude Festival Guide, Hints and Tips - Festival goers in front of the Latitude Main Stage by Danny North Festival goers in front of the Latitude Main Stage by Danny North

According to the Independent "Latitude remains Queen of arts festivals", and we're hard-pressed to disagree. Featuring music, comedy, movies and literature to name but a few, there'll be a category for everyone at Henham Park, Southwold, this year. The music line-up for July 17th to 20th includes legends such as Damon Albarn, James, The Black Keys, Chrissie Hynde and Tame Impala, while comedy geniuses Simon Amstell, Dara O Briain and Jack Dee are set to split sides. The full line-up is constantly being updated on the Latitude website, so instead of simply listing the acts, we thought we'd use this Volunteer Management Software blog to offer some helpful hints for getting the best out of the 2014 Latitude Festival!

Getting to and from Latitude Festival

2014 Latitude Festival Guide, Hints and Tips - Hotbox Events volunteers enjoying the festivalHotbox Events volunteers enjoying the festival

Just like the guys over at Glastonbury (SO last month), the Latitude Festival organisers are keener than ever to encourage visitors to limit their carbon footprints this year. A major way to do this is to leave the car at home and jump on a coach. As well as being 10 times more carbon efficient, travelling to the festival by coach means less stress and added fun. You could also jump on the train (transfer buses will be laid on from Diss station, but NOT from Ipswich) and start the festival a few hours early that way. It's also worth remembering that a few late nights are knackering, so driving home is unlikely to be a barrel of laughs. For those who must bring their car, here are a few top tips to make the journey a little less stressful. Do not travel at peak times - unless you're partial to a lengthy game of 'I spy' when all you can see is the car in front and a hedge. When close to the festival, ignore the sat nav and concentrate on the temporary signs that have been erected. The organisers also recommend keeping up to date with traffic news via If you have a spare couple of seats, shift the cider over and share the cost of the journey with other festival-goers by visiting ridesharing website As well as cutting the cost of the petrol, motorists are guaranteed an exclusive spot in the BlaBlaCar Priority Car Park, and the chance to win a VIP back-stage passes!

Where to camp (with or without the kids) at Latitude Festival

2014 Latitude Festival Guide, Hints and Tips - Bloc Party with Lasers by Danny NorthBloc Party with Lasers by Danny North

Latitude prides itself on being one of the most family friendly of the big UK summer festivals. Family Camping is available to those who have kids under 16 - because after that they don't need parents at all, right? This family area provides dedicated showers, toilets, water points and washing-up facilities. There is even a Little Latitude Tuck Shop supplying festival essentials and an area for families with campervans. And, most amazingly, adults can get a bit of a lie in, as the kids are invited to take part in morning activities before the main entertainment kicks off. Mobile first aid units will also be on patrol to help with any scarped knees and nosebleeds that may arise. Non family campers will be directed to the Green, Blue, Red and Yellow zones. As a rule of thumb the closer you are to the arena the nosier the campsite (duh!). So Yellow is the younger campsite, with things quietening down as you move through to Red and then Green. As festival campsites go none of the Latitude campsites are mega noisy so you'll probably be quite happy wherever you land! There is more than enough space for the numbers expected to attend Latitude this year, and the gate staff are on hand to advise on the less crowded areas. It's a good idea to get acquainted with the Village, as it is here that the cash points, food stalls, showers, lockers, the Village Shop, welfare and first aid tents are situated. Yes, this is a fancy festival indeed!

Motorhomes, campervans and caravans at Latitude Festival

Those who find tents a bit fiddly might be coming to Latitude in a mobile home. It's important that the correct permit is purchased well in advance, and it must be displayed clearly on arrival at the festival gates. Please don't think you can sleep in the car park - you can't. It also goes without saying that everyone intending to stay in a mobile home must have a valid festival ticket. No stowaways please!

Alternative accommodation at Latitude Festival

2014 Latitude Festival Guide, Hints and Tips - Bloc Party drummer by Danny NorthBloc Party drummer by Danny North

Got a little cash to burn? Why not splash out on a Podpad, a Pink Moon Tent, Tipi or Yurtel? Yeah, we've only heard of Tipis and maybe Yurtles too, so let us explain: Podpads are a pre-pitched alternative to the traditional tent that provide mattresses and power sockets. The quirky little things are situated in their own bespoke private area with showers and toilets. Pink Moon Camping is also a dedicated campsite with pre-erected tents and tipis. Packages include mattresses and sleeping bags, and the site has its own hot private showers, serviced toilets, Wi-Fi and even a hair-care pamper parlour! The ultimate in Latitude festival luxury however is the Yurtel camping experience. Guests staying in this private field have their own restaurant, chill-out bar and spa. Imagine that! There are also hotel packages available, but that's just ruining the festival spirit altogether, so you're on your own with that one.

Toilets at Latitude Festival

In recent years, what used to be one of the most depressing experiences at a music festival has improved astronomically. Toilet blocks will be erected throughout the Latitude camping areas and the main arena. Organisers have promised that each toilet will be cleaned from top to bottom at least every one-and-a-half hours. Pretty impressive! The blocks will be segregated into male and female, and there will be urinals provided for both gentlemen and ladies - if you're a bit perplexed about how the latter works, Google Shepee and all will become clear. If that isn't enough, all toilet paper (which is usually plentiful), will be made from recycled paper, the chemicals used in the loos are completely environmentally friendly, and there are hand washing and hand sanitizing facilities at every toilet block.

Food and drink at Latitude Festival

2014 Latitude Festival Guide, Hints and Tips - The Kids Area at Latitude by Danny NorthThe Kids Area at Latitude by Danny North

It's a good idea to get acquainted with what is and what is not allowed though the Latitude gates. Although alcohol is allowed into the camping area, if an official decides you've brought an excess amount, it will be confiscated. Absolutely no alcohol will be allowed into the arena, so be prepared to part with your cash when out and about. There are several bars, but if you look under 21 (you lucky sod), be sure to bring ID. Glass is strictly forbidden everywhere, and although food for personal consumption is allowed in both the campsites and the arena, there will also be plenty of buy-now options available, including pizza, burgers, tapas, Mexican, BBQ...and the boring healthy options. The Village shop, located sensibly in the Village, will also be well stocked with all the essentials to keep visitors alive over the weekend. A good rule of thumb for what will not be allowed through the gates is to ask yourself whether you would let a three year old play with it. There is a detailed list on the Latitude website, but it's really just common-sense.

Valuables at Latitude Festival

Although the organisers do their utmost to keep ne're do wells out of the festival, career criminals are well aware that well off folk let their guard down at festivals like Latitude. Here are a few top tips to avoid becoming a victim: Valuables - leave them at home. Only bring what you need and what you can afford to lose. There are lockers and storage facilities in the Village for those who want to keep their valuables extra safe. It goes without saying that a tent is not the most secure accommodation, and a lock on your tent unfortunately suggests that you have something worth stealing. If it's in your tent, it's pretty much fair game. Mobile phones may be necessary for keeping in touch with friends in the crowd, but avoid waving them around. It's irritating, and the wrong person might notice that you own the latest model. There are various free apps available for download that will allow you to track a lost or stolen phone, but in a field of thousands, you'll likely have a tad of trouble pinning your thief down. Obviously if something does get stolen, report it to security immediately.

CATs, HATs and Pixies at Latitude Festival

Thanks to Hotbox Events and PAAM, (toot, toot!), there will be over eight hundred volunteers helping out at Latitude Festival including:

2014 Latitude Festival Guide, Hints and Tips - 'In the woods' at Latitude by Pooneh Ghana'In the woods' at Latitude by Pooneh Ghana

The Campsite Assistant Teams (CATs) on hand 24-hours-a-day to help festival goers get the most out of the event. The CAT volunteer stewards are there to help you find a camping space, put up your tent, give you directions and information, tell your noisy neighbour to shut up, keep an eye out for any trouble, faulty facilities, fire hazards and more. They're basically your festival bestie! They’ll be based at the fire towers and on patrol around the campsites. Helpful Arena Teams (HATs) are volunteer stewards based in the arena just bursting to give out all sorts of information, including line-up changes, directions and performance times! Pixies are volunteer stewards based 'In the Woods' at Latitude. They're there to help when you're looking a bit lost, to keep an eye on the art works 'In the Woods', monitor the crowds and generally act like...helpful little pixies!

General advice for Latitude Festival

Look after yourself and look out for others; use hand sanitizer; wear sunscreen; bring a pair of sturdy shoes; and don't venture off-site (there are no pavements on the roads surrounding the festival). Bring insect repellent, and give your ears a break from the music from time to time. Above all though, just have a fantastic time! See you at Latitude!

Your comments

Laura galbraith said

June 3, 2017

We have tickets for Friday only. What do you advise re parking? Will I be able to get the car out when we want to leave. Is there a travel in near? What about taxis??? Cheers. X

Mark Hatchard said

March 8, 2017

Hi Laura,

There is a day car park at Latitude Festival that you can get in and out of quite easily.

There are hotels in the area, the easiest way to find these is via a Google Maps search. Please make sure you book early as rooms get booked up well in advance.

If you decide to get a taxi to the festival there is a dedicated drop off and pickup point for taxis at Latitude.

Best of luck and see you there!