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National Schools Partnership

Jolly Green Sherpas

Big Green Coach

Balter Festival

The Nomad Cinema

My Cause UK

Refresh West

Big Church Day Out

The Big Bang Fair

Festival Republic

Music Angel Social Power

Event Bars

Absolute Event Solutions

DC Site Services Ltd - Volunteers

The Bushcraft Show

Taylormade Treatments

Boomtown Fair Festival

Outlook & Dimensions Festival

The Swedish Ship Götheborg (SOIC)

Hotbox Events

DC Site Services Ltd - Staff

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What do people think?

“Using PAAM has saved lots of time and confusion managing our volunteers through endless spreadsheets and google forms. We now have a fully function system that has made staffing our events so much easier. The team are super helpful and are quick to respond and adapt to what we need. Highly recommended.”
Clare Woodcock, PR Manager, Event Producer & Volunteer Coordinator at The Nomad Cinema

"We signed up with PAAM before a huge move for us; doubling the size of our event and the number of volunteers required. We received fantastic customer service from the team and were delighted with the ease of the system. We recruited more volunteers than ever before, and had an excellent turn out rate. We couldn't have done it without them, and look forward to continuing to work with them. Thank you PAAM!"
Alice Bouquet, Trustee and Volunteer Manager at BrisFest (Bristol Festival)

"Festival Republic has worked with Hotbox Studios since 2003 on the large scale deployment of stewards at outdoor music festivals. Throughout this period, the support and service from Hotbox has been outstanding, excellent, immediate and exemplary. Hotbox is one of the most organised companies I have ever worked with - their commitment and passion is second to none"
Harmony Blake, Deputy Licensee of the Leeds Festival and Latitude Festival

"We were pleased to be involved at the very inception of the PAAM recruitment software package and were delighted with the speed that additional features we sought for our particular requirements were implemented. PAAM will again be our preferred recruitment system for the coming season"
Dick Collins, Director, DC Site Services

"The great thing about PAAM is that it has been developed by people who understand the unique demands of festival recruitment. The system is extremely user friendly and I've always found the service and support from Hotbox to be excellent."
Emma Lawrence, Event Steward Co-ordinator

"PAAM is a very easy and straightforward system to complete and update as needed. Truly a user friendly system"
Mike Morris, Volunteer Supervisor

"PAAM is easy to learn and use - the software helped organise the staff I required for a show in no time at all. One of the best features is that the staff need only login to their account to keep up to date"
Fiona Ingram, Area Manager at the Glastonbury Festival and Reading Festival

"PAAM worked very well, with reliable and quick assistance from Hotbox Studios when required. By using PAAM we are able to reduce the hours spent on administration before, during, and after the event"
Tavis Russell, Staff and Volunteer Event Manager

"I've been working at festivals and events for quite a few years and in that time I've watched the application process change from paper forms to electronic and eventually to PAAM. PAAM is by far the best, it's simple to use and gives all the information you need about different jobs in one place"
Robert Donovan, Festival Staff and Volunteer Manager

"Applying for work via PAAM was very easy and I was sufficiently updated on the status of my application. Using the PAAM online system is far preferable to applying via email or the post"
Jerilyn Lowry, Festival Applicant

"After a very busy and successful first year using PAAM we will again be using the PAAM system for the coming year's events - the recruitment process is so much easier now. With PAAM we're using the latest technology and yet the system is so simple to use"
Jo Shields, Festival and Event Staff and Volunteer Management

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