About PAAM

Find out about the history and development of the PAAM Software App


The PAAM staff and volunteer recruitment and management software app has developed organically from very humble beginnings in 2001...

PAAM started life as a simple online form developed to help with event staffing.

Mark Hatchard, founder of PAAM and PAAM's parent company Hotbox Studios Ltd, worked for the event staff recruitment and management company DC Site Services (DCSS) in the summer months whilst at university. Until 2000 DCSS didn't have a website and managed all recruitment through word of mouth and posting out paper application forms.

Due to the nature of the company Mark suggested a website would be a big benefit and developed this free of charge in his spare time. Included with the new website Mark created a simple online form which allowed for staff to apply for event jobs.


The new online application system proved very popular and over the next few years a basic database with some rudimentary search functionality was added, plus the ability to export applicant's details into the company's payroll system.

On finishing university in 2003 Mark setup an animation, web design and software company Hotbox Studios Ltd.

Mark continued to work with event recruitment and management, both for DCSS and later setting up his own event volunteer recruitment and management company Hotbox Events.


In 2004, Rob Smith joined Hotbox Studios Ltd as the company's web design and software development director.

Over the next couple of years both DCSS and Hotbox Events grew, each company expanding to work with more events thus supplying more staff and volunteers across the UK.

It became clear that both companies required a more comprehensive recruitment and management system.


To offer a solution, in 2006 Mark and Rob worked together to create the first version of PAAM, which was launched for DC Site Services and Hotbox Events in 2007.

At this point the software was very much in it's infancy, and although branding and some online marketing was in place, PAAM went through a substantial two year real-world beta testing phase.


Following the testing phase PAAM went through a full backend and interface overhaul, before a launch to market in 2010.

From here PAAM has grown to be used globally, through research and development helping companies and organisations with the recruitment and management of staff and volunteers at events, exhibitions, trade shows, projects, teaching, expeditions and more...


In 2013 we started research and development of the PAAM Onsite App.

The main PAAM system, now known as the PAAM Offsite App, was designed to assist with the recruitment and management of staff and volunteers before and after an event.

Users were talking with us about their work onsite, telling us that they were still using spreadsheets to check people in, allocate shifts, keep a record of resources allocated, track shifts, hours, and performance, and wondering if we could develop something like the main PAAM system but focused around working onsite.


We completed beta development of what is now known as the PAAM Onsite App; a standalone software application that completely removes the requirement for spreadsheets when managing staff and volunteers at an event.

In 2014 we put the new PAAM Onsite App through a year of real-world testing where it helped companies to manage staff and volunteers onsite at events across the UK.


Following a year of real-world testing and further research into user needs; we made design and development updates to the new PAAM Onsite App before it was launched to market.

The PAAM Onsite App has since been used for the management of tens of thousands of staff and volunteers across the UK!


We're continually researching and developing PAAM; talking with users and adding new features to help people get the most out of the PAAM system. Sometimes features will be highly customised so only added to a specific PAAM system, others which we can see will be useful to many are added as global updates.

To help users see what else is possible with the main PAAM Offsite App; in 2016 we made some of the most frequently requested custom features PAAM Add-ons.

The PAAM Add-ons help to highlight the modular nature of the PAAM App; that if you have a need or a problem with your event staff and volunteer recruitment and management process; PAAM may well be able to help you solve it!