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Custom Software Design

One of the things our clients love the most about PAAM is that it is a highly customisable, modular and scalable software application. We can work with you to tailor PAAM to your requirements and add to the standard feature set of PAAM. This can be done either on setup of your PAAM system or as and when you require new functionality.

For example if you need an extra section adding to your application form, a new type of event export for your staff and volunteer details, or you'd like to modify the application process by adding additional options for your events, all of this and more can be added to your system as required.

Once your PAAM App is setup, you can modify elements of the design yourself. Your PAAM App settings section allows you to update your logo, colour scheme, your application terms, and create custom email templates.

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PAAM Event Software custom modular scalable software application design

PAAM Software Video Demos

You can find out more about the user (staff member or volunteer applicant) and administrative areas of PAAM in on our software video demos

The video demos talk through the key areas of PAAM showing the features and options available.

Video 1 looks at the Staff and Volunteer Account Setup and Application process.

Video 2 looks at the Staff and Volunteer Admin Overview.

Video 3 looks at the Staff and Volunteer Event Admin process.

Video 4 looks at the Staff and Volunteer Profiles, Database Search, Settings and Security.

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PAAM Software Video Demos

Create Events

You can create new events in PAAM quickly and easily via the PAAM Events page. To create a new event you just need to enter the basics:

  • Event name
  • Start and end date
  • Event location
  • Staff and/or volunteer roles
  • Total number of staff and/or volunteers required
  • A deposit level (if applicable to the event)

You can then open the event for applications straight away, or if you'd like to add one or more events that you'd like to open at a later date you can turn off applications and deposits until you're ready to go.

As soon as a new event is setup and marked as open your staff and volunteers can start applying.

Using PAAM it's easy to keep up to date with your event statistics. PAAM's overview pages provide quick reference graphs that show you the number of staff and volunteer applications received, how many deposits have been paid and the number of positions offered at each event.

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PAAM Event Software add a new event

Create Event Groups and Shifts

Once you've created your events in PAAM you can then create groups and shifts within your events to organise your staff and volunteers into teams and shift patterns.

There is no limit to how you can organise your teams and shifts within your PAAM events. However you prefer to manage your events - perhaps a few large teams or maybe lots of smaller shifts - PAAM can work with you and help to get your staff and volunteers organised quickly and easily in a way which suits you.

As with your events, it's easy to keep up to date with your group and shift statistics via PAAM's quick reference graphs.

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PAAM Event Software create event staff groups and volunteer shifts

E-Commerce Payment Gateway
for Event Deposits and Bonds

If part of your application process requires your applicants to pay a security deposit for an event PAAM can help here too. When we setup your PAAM App we can work with you to integrate your existing merchant provider, or if you've not taken online payments before we can offer advice about the different options out there.

If you'd prefer PAAM can also advise your event applicants how pay their deposit via offline methods such as BACS and cheque.

Once we've setup your payment solution in PAAM, each time you add a new event you can choose if the event requires a deposit and how much the deposit for that event is. Setting an event to require a deposit automatically activates the PAAM E-Commerce Payment Gateway allowing for your event deposits to be taken online.

All event deposit payments are tracked by PAAM allowing for easy reference throughout your event season.

Turning events and deposits on and off in PAAM is instantaneous. For example you can quickly reopen an event to fill a few spots which have become available due to cancellations.

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PAAM Event Software E-Commerce for deposits and bonds

Contact and Recruit using Email
and Text Messaging

PAAM's versatile email messaging can help you to target your event recruitment, and get information out to those who have already applied.

As default when using PAAM you can filter and contact your staff and volunteers by:

  • Location
  • Qualificationss
  • Experience
  • Application Status
  • Payment Status
  • Event
  • Group

As with all of the PAAM Event Software App; PAAM's email options are highly customisable. PAAM allows you to send targeted messages throughout the recruitment, planning and post-event stages.

PAAM can also be setup to provide text messaging which allows you to search, filter and contact your staff and volunteers via a simple message to their phone.

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PAAM Event Software contact and recruit using text message and email

Ratings, Notes and Blacklisting

During or after your event has taken place you can rate the performance of your staff and volunteers; helping to fill the positions for your next event with just the right applicants.

You can add further information to your PAAM staff and volunteer accounts as member notes; comments and reminders about applicants can be added for easy future reference.

There may at times be some staff and volunteers you recruit for events that you would rather not see at another event. To help with this the PAAM App includes comprehensive blacklisting functionality; PAAM’s blacklist allows for you to block both current users and potential applicants. Blocking a current user removes them from any events applied for and stops them being able to apply for future events. Blocking a potential applicant stops them from being able to apply in the first place e.g. when we setup your PAAM App if required we can import your existing blacklist.

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PAAM Event Software add staff and volunteer ratings, notes and blacklist

When you need to search for specific applicants for an event you can use PAAM's search features to narrow your results. For example, a search could be made for:

  • Qualified First Aider in Scotland
  • Experienced Supervisor in London
  • SIA License Holders in Wales
  • Event volunteers within range of a certain town or postcode

Searching for applicants in PAAM is quick and easy no matter how large your staff and volunteer database becomes!

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PAAM Event Software search your staff and volunteer database

Upload and Export Documents

When you need to get information out to your staff and volunteers the PAAM Event Software App can help here too. You can upload files and documents to your events such as:

  • Briefing Packs
  • Directions and Maps
  • Health and Safety Guidelines
  • Shift Patterns
  • Train Timetables

Your applicants can then login to PAAM to view and download the files.

If you just need to add a small note e.g. a reminder of which car park or gate to head for when arriving at an event - you can enter this as quickly as an event note rather than a new document.

When you need to export information out of PAAM you have lots of options. As standard PAAM includes a number of default Microsoft Excel export and download options including:

  • Event staff and volunteer lists showing groups and shifts
  • Personal details for PNC and CRB checks
  • Information for ordering staff and volunteer uniforms
  • Event deposit and bond payment details

As with all areas of PAAM the event upload and export functions are fully customisable; we can work with you to setup any bespoke export and download options you need.

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PAAM Event Software up load documents for your staff and volunteers

Event Statistics and Analytics

Staff and volunteer statistics are provided throughout the PAAM Event Software App. An on-going record of event applications, deposit payments including financial breakdowns, staff and volunteers accepted to events, groups, and shifts, user activity and more is all stored by PAAM and can be checked via PAAM's quick reference graphs.

Analytics are provided to allow for in-depth analysis of your applicants and PAAM traffic, for example:

  • How many people are accessing PAAM?
  • What are users looking for?
  • Where are users based?
  • How are people finding PAAM?
  • How long are your users logged in for?
  • Are users finding all they need?

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PAAM Event Software track your events using PAAM's statistics and analytics

Fast, Secure and Reliable
Cloud Based Web Hosting

PAAM runs entirely over SSL which means administrative and user connections are always safe, even via a public Wi-Fi spot.

PAAM is based on state of the art Cloud architecture, which means you will experience no issues with hardware compatibility, software performance or resilience.

The PAAM web hosting platform is supplied by our parent company, the UK based Hampshire Web Design Company Hotbox Studios Ltd. The PAAM web hosting environment uses hardware and software solutions from leading vendors such as Dell, Cisco and Microsoft to provide standards based platform compatibility. The PAAM web hosting systems are hosted within a UK data centre which has been specified to the UK Data Centre Uptime Institute and EU Code on Conduct specifications for Tier 3 resiliency; offering premium levels of availability and security.

What all this means is that the PAAM Event Software App is fast, reliable and secure.

For more about the PAAM Event Software App hosting environment please visit Hotbox Studios' web hosting page.

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PAAM Event Software fast secure reliable cloud based web hosting

PAAM Onsite App

The main PAAM system is designed for the recruitment and management of staff and volunteers before and after an event.

We realised that when working onsite many were still relying on cumbersome spreadsheets - often with complicated and temperamental macro functions - to help with checking in staff and volunteers, allocating their shifts, recording the resources being allocated, tracking shifts and hours worked.

To help with this we designed the PAAM Onsite App to which works sided by side with your main PAAM system and eliminates the requirement for and dependency on spreadsheets for onsite staff and volunteer management.

Please head over to the PAAM Onsite App page to find out more!

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PAAM Onsite App