PAAM Offsite Setup and Licence Pricing

Up to 250 Vacancies

£25.00 per month

Unlimited admin users

Up to 250 vacancies per year

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Up to 500 Vacancies

£50.00 per month

Unlimited admin users

Up to 500 vacancies per year

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Up to 1000 Vacancies

£100.00 per month

Unlimited admin users

Up to 1,000 vacancies per year

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Custom Vacancies

Choose your own number of vacancies

Unlimited admin users

Up to 1,500

Vacancies per year
£150 per month

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The setup fee for a standard PAAM system including tailoring to initial specifications is £495.00.

The PAAM licence fee is based on vacancies advertised. You can receive up to 10 applications per single vacancy.

If you add 500 vacancies you can receive 5,000 applications under a 251-500 PAAM vacancy licence. In the very rare case that you receive more than 10 applications for each vacancy advertised, your licence fee is calculated at £0.10 per application.

Storage is limited to 5MB of data uploads per licence vacancy per year

Your PAAM license includes secure and reliable hosting, phone and email support in business hours and a contact for out of hours support.


PAAM Onsite Setup and Licence Pricing

  Cloud based
Local NAS based
At any one time
Admin Users First Admin User FREE*
Additional users £10 per month
for £10 per month
Setup FREE £495
Needs internet? YES
At all times
Only required to sync event data

All prices exclusive of vat
* For the first 12 months, after that £10 per month ex vat

Recruit applicants

Using fast, reliable, secure and easy to use cloud based event management software

Select those appropriate

Simple to use filters allow you to find the right staff and volunteers for your events

Assign roles

With a few clicks you can organise your staff and volunteers into groups

Track progress

Add ratings and notes, record performance of staff and volunteers across events